Youth Group

Leader- Jonathan Knappenberger


1. Discipleship
We believe that youth should be developing spiritually during their middle and high school years. It is important for a child to be firm spiritually before he leaves to go to college or go into the working world where his or her believe in God may be questioned. We here at Christ Covenant try to attack discipleship from three fronts. The first is through Sunday school, second is through Wednesday night youth, and third is through informal but beneficial Bible studies.

2. Service
We feel it is important not only to teach our youth how to serve but present to them opportunities to serve. We want the youth to develop servant hearts through learning about serving alongside actually serving. As a byproduct of service we want to better the community through our main objective which is glorifying God. We try to schedule at least one service project a month.

3. Unity
We believe that unity is a key factor within the youth group. We want our youth to learn to trust each other in hopes that when trails come they will confide in each other. We try to promote unity within the group through different fun events most of the time held on a Friday or Saturday night.

Weekly Youth Schedule

Sundays: Our youth meet for Sunday school in the Youth House (we call it the NIKA house-Greek for “victory and success in Jesus Christ”) and separate into three classes. We study different subjects, sometimes books of the Bible and sometimes topics such as a biblical approach to money and stewardship. The three classes are: 7th & 8th grades, 9th grade, and 10th thru 12th grades.

The Sr. High girls meet around 6pm to have a small informal Bible study at the youth house. The group usually eats a quick supper before starting Bible study which typically ends around 8pm.

Mondays: The Sr. High guys have a small informal bible study at The Knappenberger’s house starting at 6:00 ending around 7:00. This is a great time for the youth to bond with each other and learn God’s word in a very laid back fashion.

Wednesdays: On Wednesday nights we start gathering at 6:15 at the Youth House. We have a casual meal and at 6:45 we head into the “big room” for praise and worship with our youth-lead praise band. At 7:00 p.m. we begin our Bible study with all ages together and sometimes separate into Jr. and Sr. High. To end our gathering we often have skits or games which usually finishes our evening with a lot of laughter.