Covenant Kids

Nursery through 6th Grade

Covenant Kids is a ministry to the children of our church and to their friends that seeks to point them to Christ, nurture their faith, and instill in them a love for the church. Covenant Kids meets on Wednesday nights during the school year and provides parents with a fun and safe place for their children so that parents can attend an adult Covenant Group. Covenant Kids is staffed by a group of committed volunteers led by Children’s Director Tracie Rakestraw.

Drop Off: Please drop off your children at the entrance under the outside canopy between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m. on Covenant Group nights. You will need to take children two and under to the nursery. Children three years old through 6th grade will be directed to the Fellowship Hall and asked to sit with their class.

Dinner: A concession stand is provided for the kids to eat dinner. Each night they can purchase a main food item (such as a slice of pizza, burger, etc.) for 50 cents each, chips are 25 cents per bag and drinks are 25 cents each. The menu for each Wednesday night is printed in the bulletin on the Sunday prior to each Covenant Group night. The concession stand works as follows:

  • Nursery children ages 2 and under: If you would like for your children in the nursery to eat dinner from the Covenant Kids’ concession stand, please bring $15 for the year for each of your children to which this applies. Each night, a nursery worker will go get the food form the concession stand and bring it to the nursery. Drinks are provided by the nursery.
  • 3, 4 and 5 year olds: Please bring $20 for each child for food for the year. These children will be brought food and drinks to their room and will not go through the concession stand.
  • 1st – 6th graders: Please have each child bring enough money for food for each Wednesday night only. They will go through the concession stand to buy their food. Then they will go to their classroom and eat with their class.

Pick Up: Please pick up your children under the outside canopy between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m.

On Call: We have a tremendous group of committed volunteers who love our children. But occasionally illness and other things leave us short-staffed. To provide the best and safest program we need enough adults, so we ask the Covenant Groups to alternate being “on call.” That means they will provide some volunteers from their group if we happen to need them.