The elders are elected by the congregation to be servant leaders and shepherds of God’s people.   They guide the direction and outreach of the church, oversee its teaching and worship, and care for the spiritual needs of the members.  Please contact them if you need counsel or prayer.

Elders currently on the Session


Brad Eidson     256-709-0600        

Phil Gatlin     256-339-1756

Jonathan Haynes     256-339-2856

Linton Newlin     256-531-6008

Steve Nyquist     205-907-2326

Wes Rakestraw     256-636-0929


Shane Sheffield     256-531-7087 

 Steve Turner     256-590-6234

Andrew Siegenthaler     256-531-5504



The deacons are elected by the congregation to assist the elders, primarily by caring for the physical and material needs of church members.  They also extend the love and generosity of Christ to those outside the church.  Please contact them if you or someone you are concerned about has a physical or material need.

Deacons who are currently on the Diaconate


Dale Bright     256-708-0061  

Johnny Cook     256-338-8085

Mike Durhan     205-647-3703   

Kent Howze     256-338-2327

James Laminack     256-339-0254

Scott Lewis     256-339-7238

John Nyquist     256-339-9578

Wyatt Pettus     256-426-9290

 Daren Rakestraw     256-497-5342        

Bo Shirey     256-347-6136